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Pop the boot to a man’s personality

Posted in Uncategorized by Sam de Brito on February 16, 2010

By Craig Heal

Nowhere is a man’s lifestyle and personality so prominently on display as when you pop his car’s boot.

It’s no secret that most men consider the type of car they drive an extension of their personality, but what would surprise most speed racers is that the real soul of their motorised personality extension isn’t what’s under the hood or the size of their woofers.

It’s what lies hidden in the boot – much like a man’s true character … More

The left-wing moral shortfall

Posted in Uncategorized by Sam de Brito on December 1, 2009

By Thomas the Think Engine

“Imagine visiting a town,” Dr. Jonathon Haidt writes, “where people wear no clothes, never bathe, have sex in public, and eat raw meat by biting off pieces directly from the carcass.”

The author's moral fibre

Dr Haidt’s site is, where I got my fibre tested. I’m the green bars. You can see that I consider Harm and Fairness to be important moral values. I am less convinced on Loyalty, Authority, and Purity, as moral values.

The main point of the graph is not that my low scores reveal me as base, ill-bred and exquisitely suited to a career in politics.

It’s the difference between the blue lines and the red lines. Blue is the scores of people who identify as ‘liberals’ (in the American sense). I line up closer to the liberals. Red is conservatives. They consider three extra categories to be just as morally important … More

Submissions please

Posted in Uncategorized by Sam de Brito on November 27, 2009

By Sam de Brito

People – you may have noticed the pace of new posts here has dropped off a little in the last few weeks.

I’d love to be able to give you some fresh reading every weekday but that’s not going to happen if it’s only me contributing. If this site is going to work, you’re going to have to pitch in.

I am quite happy to publish work by female authors – as long as it talks to a male audience.

Mr. Peabody explains Middle East history

Posted in Uncategorized by Sam de Brito on November 24, 2009

You’d like to think this was fiction, unfortunately it’s not.

The man with no balls

Posted in Uncategorized by Sam de Brito on November 20, 2009

This gentlemen, is what happens to men who abdicate their maleness: Anthony Sherna.

“For almost 20 years he submitted in order to keep the peace. When she demanded he change his surname to prove he loved her, he agreed.

“When she insisted he not see his friends or family, he complied. When she taunted him by resuming an affair with a former boyfriend and suggested he ”grow some balls”, he swallowed the insults.

“When she said he was too smelly to use the toilet at home, he restrained himself until he arrived at work. When she refused to let him sleep in their double bed, he dossed down in the spare room on a camp stretcher.

“He was sole breadwinner but she rationed his cigarettes – just 12 each day – and controlled their money. Each week after withdrawing the housekeeping money he handed over the cash, his ATM card and receipts. “

Dear God. I want to feel sorry for this guy, but in the end, this is just pathetic. Imagine what’s going to happen to him in prison … your thoughts?

The three Ps

Posted in Uncategorized by Sam de Brito on October 28, 2009

Last week Timothy J Graham gave us his breakdown on the basics of Christianity – dogma and ceremony aside. This week he expands on the final point of his post – the three Ps – and why he reckons Jesus banged on about them so much.

At the heart of the gospel is the message that the antidote to confusion and paralysis is always a return to simplicity; returning to a life free from the complexities that naturally arise from having money and possessions.

One thing was clear from Jesus’ teachings: money and the gospel don’t mix. This issue is probably the biggest on Jesus’ agenda, and yet modern Christians seem to have not only missed it, but gone in the opposite direction … More

Get involved

Posted in Uncategorized by Sam de Brito on October 17, 2009

Lots of you are visiting and saying nothing, which shits me.

This site is for you guys.

I don’t get paid for it. How about participating, and stop cruising by like mutes at a traffic accident?

Suggest topics. Make submissions. I’ve already received a bunch of crackers. Come on. Step off.