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BABB break time

Posted in Housekeeping by Sam de Brito on December 21, 2009

Hello all. I know we were just getting some momentum, but the Building a Better Bloke blog will be taking a break over Christmas and into January, while I recharge the batteries.

I do however, have much planned for next year and hope you can all be part of it. If you have any posts you’d like published, be sure to send them to me here.

Have a great Christmas and New Years.

Egghead wanted

Posted in Housekeeping by Sam de Brito on November 3, 2009

As you can see, this blog’s pretty low-fi.

As we gather readers, it’d be nice to brighten the place up a bit, throw a header on top of the blog, perhaps some other features like an “email this post” button.

But I am clueless. I know I need a WordPress upgrade package, but my css skills are non existent. If anyone wants to help out and has some mad skilz, drop me a line and you can bathe in the glory of being our tech guru.

Tick tock

Posted in Confidence, Housekeeping, Life skills, Self esteem by Sam de Brito on October 21, 2009

A quick reminder that the next Building a Better Bloke seminar will be held Sunday, November 1, 2009 in Surry Hills, Sydney.

More than 100 guys have attended the seminar now and the feedback has been incredibly positive: take a look here, if you’d like to read some recent comments about what goes down on the day.

I spent the first thirty years of my life clueless as to what I was doing wrong (and right) with girls. About 2001, I stumbled across a couple of websites and realised there was a massive amount of literature out there that could help guys like me.

Since then, I’ve either read, listened, watched, researched, tried or written about most of the dating material out there – certainly more than any other Australian writer has in the public space … More

Gentlemen start your engines

Posted in Housekeeping by Sam de Brito on October 7, 2009

By Sam de Brito

Gentleman and ladies, consider this Sam de Brito’s home away from the All Men Are Liars beach house. Yes, the decor is a little lame, but if the traffic warrants it, I will renovate and put in some personal touches. Up to you.

This is a place for discussion of many issues and it’s my intention that mine will not be the only voice heard here. If you have something to say, send me a submission to

If they’re shit, plagarised, poorly spelled, lame, regurgitated or repetitive, they won’t get run. I will not be paying for these posts, but hopefully, they will give you a chance to expose your work to an audience larger than you’d encounter otherwise.

Here we go.