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To deal or not to deal? Part 3

Posted in drugs, Entrepreneurship by Sam de Brito on October 22, 2009

By The Brute

The next month went agonizingly slow; the plants reached their zenith at roughly nine feet and were as wide as an outhouse. I knew the things were worth a small fortune and I became increasingly more paranoid about them being stolen as harvest approached.

The last two weeks I pitched a tent in the backyard and slept in there with a BB gun, Samurai sword and my 75kg dog. I gave my old man some shitty excuse that he accepted without question

The day of harvest was a massive job as I followed my ‘Pot Bible’ and took the big heads off first and let them continue to grow. It was called a “double harvest” and it worked well … More

To deal or not to deal? Part 2

Posted in drugs, Entrepreneurship by Sam de Brito on October 16, 2009

By The Brute

The soil around the city beaches of Sydney is very sandy and perfect for growing a plant that originated in the Middle East and Central Asia.

The dozen tiny plants took to our garden like a Maori to scaffolding, and with plenty of water and helpings of my mother’s dynamic lifter they were a couple of feet high after just one month.

My mother wasn’t stupid and she recognised the shape of the leaves very early but funnily enough she didn’t give me up to Ray or tear them out.

Although she was very anti-drug and had never drank another beer since getting drunk at her 18th birthday in 1958, I think she was enjoying watching them grow.

Our neighbours on both sides were very old and wouldn’t have known what these healthy big shrubs were even when they had reached the top of the fence by New Years.

I remember mum saying to me with a hint of worry, “How big do those marijuana plants of yours get and when are they ready?” … More

To deal or not to deal?

Posted in drugs, Entrepreneurship by Sam de Brito on October 13, 2009

By The Brute

To deal or not to deal, that is the question.

More people than you think sell drugs, be it pot, coke, speed, ice, crack, E’s or some other deadly concoction mixed together in a backyard lab.

It’s easy money but it is fraught with many dangers: getting caught by the cops and arrested is the closest to mind but you can also get addicted to your wares as they are so ready to hand, and almost free.

You can have your house invaded, get yourself bashed and your dirty, hard-earned cash and merchandise stolen.

But no matter the dangers, it is still a very attractive profession for those amongst us too dumb or lazy to get a proper job or career … More