Building a Better Bloke

The progression of responsibility

Posted in Domestication, Life skills by Sam de Brito on February 23, 2010

By Craig Lennox

I’ve decided to start a vegetable garden, and I’m not quite sure why.

It was a Sunday afternoon, and my girlfriend returned from a shopping excursion with packets of seeds, a chili plant, potting mix and fertiliser.

We had discussed the idea the night before, at which time I claimed that I didn’t think I could be bothered. However, upon being informed of her purchases that afternoon I put down my weighty Dickens tome and started pushing fistfuls of potting mix into biodegradable seeding tubs … More

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What’s for dinner?

Posted in Domestication by Sam de Brito on December 10, 2009

By Craig “Iron Chef” Heal

To my mind learning to cook is the most important life skill a “better bloke” can learn.

I’m not saying we need to develop the culinary skills of a celebrity chef but all men should attain a level of skill that means we are no longer vectors for salmonella transmission.

I’m talking about men developing the capacity to whip up cheap, quick, nutritious meals for themselves and then having a handful of special meals to knock the socks off potential girlfriends, impress the grandparents or pay back your mates after what happened at the pub during last drinks … More

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