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Group action

Posted in Confidence, Depression, Male bonding by Sam de Brito on October 22, 2009

By Leon N

What’s this stuff about men’s groups?

Some of you might learned about them via the excellent film released last year, whilst others may suspect they are an urban myth, or just some gay or feminist fantasy.

The fact is that men’s groups exist all over the country, and if you’re lucky there’s probably one near you.

Social psychologists in Australia have studied the evolution of men’s groups over the past 20 years and recognise them as powerful mediums for enlightenment and personal growth … More

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Depression: what it isn’t

Posted in Depression by Sam de Brito on October 7, 2009

By David Delaney

I’m talking from personal experience here, and I’m talking about major clinical depression.

You can find definitions and descriptions elsewhere: this is a guide to common mistakes people make when dealing with seriously depressed people.

“A case of the sads”

Everyone has those. Clinical depression is not like that. It’s an illness, and it can be fatal. It can cripple a person just as much as any other serious disease while being invisible to the naked eye. A person can look perfectly normal, and behave in a perfectly normal way most of the time, and still be just as disabled as a person who has a disease you do understand. Take it from me, and take it from doctors and scientists who have spent their lives studying it: it’s real, it’s serious, and it can cripple a person … More