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Women are not puzzles

Posted in Dating, Women by Sam de Brito on December 15, 2009

By Jonathon

I’ve been noticing something a little disturbing lately and it’s not just within the seduction community.

It’s certainly exaggerated within the seduction community, but most definitely not limited to it.

What I’m referring to is the clinical nature in which men interact with the opposite sex: they see a beautiful woman and want to approach her but there’s this problem that needs to be solved before you can get what you want.

The problem of “HER” … More

The straw test: How much do you like her?

Posted in Dating, Philosophy, Relationships, Women by Sam de Brito on November 25, 2009

By Sam de Brito

I was at the pub some years ago and it was mobbed, five deep at the bar.

I bought drinks; a couple of beers for my mate Jack and me and vodkas for the women. I paid for the hooch, got the drinks in the tight-four position and burrowed into the crowd.

Half way back to our spot, I looked at the voddies and thought ‘Hmmm, forgotten the straws.’ That’s when I asked myself: ‘How much do you like this chick? Is it really worth going back for the straw?’

Now, a lot of you might say this has nothing to do with attraction, that it is gentlemanly to fetch a woman a straw. Me, I think it’s gentlemanly to buy drink after drink for a girl and, last time I checked, even toddlers could successfully sip out of just a glass … More

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What’s wrong with this picture?

Posted in Dating, Life skills, Relationships by Sam de Brito on November 7, 2009

By Sam de Brito

As a graphic visual extension of my post on All Men Are Liars on Friday, check this out.

A car crash waiting to happen.

Things Emigrating Taught Me About Picking-up Women

Posted in Confidence, Dating, Women by Sam de Brito on November 3, 2009

By Richard Bourne

A few years ago, when I was 30, I moved here from England.

I put my life in a couple of bags, bought a one way ticket (and a visa, don’t worry) and got on a plane.

Emigrating taught me a lot about myself, and a few things about other people and the world we live in.

Here are three things I learned about picking up women and I share them with you on the condition you promise not to use them to steal any of the ones I want … More