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The rat race conundrum

Posted in Careers, Travel by Sam de Brito on February 10, 2010

By Mark Darby

I achieved a major coup in my 27th year on this planet: I quit the rat race and the small cubicle that comes along with it.

Call it my ‘Saturn Return’ year, itchy feet or just plain fool-hardiness but I quit my job editing and designing a finance magazine and decided I needed to get out of Sydney. After five years in the harbour city I had about $10,000, a car and no relationship to show for my efforts.

With nothing set-up and all my worldly possessions packed into my Honda Civic, I drove down to Melbourne to crash at a mate’s house and plan my next move. Three months later I was on a plane to L.A.

But I’m getting ahead myself … More

Home or Away?

Posted in Careers, Philosophy, Status, Travel by Sam de Brito on December 11, 2009

By Craig Lennox

A little while ago I saw the animated film UP.

It is a film for children, with bright, bold colours, amusing characters and a simple and entertaining story. And like many of the kids’ films being produced at the moment it has plenty for the parents, or adults who don’t mind watching kids’ movies.

To briefly summarise; a young boy with dreams of becoming an adventurer and explorer meets a young girl with the same dreams.

They grow up, get married and grow old together, all the while saving for and dreaming of the day they can travel to the South American jungle … More

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Y am I here?

Posted in Careers, Philosophy by Sam de Brito on December 3, 2009

By The Ginger

I have a confession to make. I’m 21 and have been working at the same job since I left school in 2005.

Older readers might shrug at that and say “talk to me in 40 years” and some grandparent types might pat me on the back for not getting fired in that time.

Mention that fact to anybody of my generation, however, and I’ll more than likely cop a blank look, a slight slackening of the jaw and then the verbalisation of this shock: “What’s wrong with you?”

It’s been said that people my age (I loathe the term “Generation Y”) are far happier jumping from job to job, accruing life experience and sampling as much of the world as they can before their body, liver, bank account, or criminal record prevents them.

To be stuck in a single job, in a single location, for nearly four years is not the mark of success it was in my parents’ generation … More

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