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Grog monstered

Posted in Booze, Medical advice by Sam de Brito on October 14, 2009

By Dr Michael Mancini

I thought I’d start my column with a topic that is close to my heart and often not far from my lips. Alcohol.

Whether worshipped or vilified, alcohol has played a starring role in most major civilisations. Stone Age beer jugs have been found dating back to 10,000 B.C., remnants from what is believed to be the first ever keg party.

That most excellent novel, Ye Old Testament (Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus et al.), records Noah planting a vineyard on Mt Ararat; and after Moses led the Hebrews into Canaan and out of Egyptian slavery, they were heard to be complaining about leaving all the good wine behind.

The Ancient Egyptians also recognized the heavenly qualities of alcohol, worshipping Osiris, the Goddess of Wine.

They proved to be prodigious brewers, producing up to 17 different varieties of beer and 24 types of wine. With the passage of time and the changing geopolitical climate, the Mecca of beer-brewing changed to Eastern Europe and is now dominated by countries such as Germany and Belgium, and is celebrated by that wonderful cultural festival Oktoberfest … More