Building a Better Bloke

To deal or not to deal? Part 3

Posted in drugs, Entrepreneurship by Sam de Brito on October 22, 2009

By The Brute

The next month went agonizingly slow; the plants reached their zenith at roughly nine feet and were as wide as an outhouse. I knew the things were worth a small fortune and I became increasingly more paranoid about them being stolen as harvest approached.

The last two weeks I pitched a tent in the backyard and slept in there with a BB gun, Samurai sword and my 75kg dog. I gave my old man some shitty excuse that he accepted without question

The day of harvest was a massive job as I followed my ‘Pot Bible’ and took the big heads off first and let them continue to grow. It was called a “double harvest” and it worked well …

The end result in terms of dollars earned was massive; over $30,000, the equivalent to at least $100,000 now.

I was only 17-years-old and would have been lucky to make in two years as an apprentice tradesman.

My mother had made it quite clear that I’d best make the most of my windfall because it wouldn’t be happening again.

The stress and lies had aged her and she wasn’t about to do a second summer of such worries.

At one stage I had that much pot drying in the back shed that it had its own ecosystem.

When I showed one of my mates he said he expected to see monkeys and toucans come swinging out of there.

That year was a good one; two holidays to the Gold Coast and a cruise through the Pacific Islands on the Fairstar, a new car and plenty of trendy new clothes.

It was only when I came home with an expensive pair of footy boots and a new football that Ray asked whether I had been stealing from his bookie bag; it was typical of the old brawler.

I made a good earn that year but it was a nerve-wrenching one and the last I had as a pot grower and dealer.

The downside was I smoked more of that shit than I ever had and it got its claws into me like I’d seen it do to so many other promising young footballers.

It was the one point in my life I could have gone off the rails and become a loser, a dirty ‘pot head’ but my mother and even I recognised the danger the stinking drug posed to me and we acted appropriately.

I could see how blokes got addicted, not only to drugs but to the notoriety and the easy money of dealing and growing.

It was a much simpler occupation than digging holes or pulling beers but then again there were not many jobs that could get arrested just for turning up to work. The money was good but the lying, worry and deceit would have eaten my up from the inside.

No amount of money was worth five, seven or ten years of your life. Your time on this planet is too short as it is.

That was it for me. There’s nothing tough or cool about spending years dodging cocks in a prison shower.

The Brute is the author of the upcoming anonymous memoir Suburban Warrior: Confessions of a Footballer, available 2010.

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  1. Andy said, on October 26, 2009 at 9:22 pm

    Haha this is bloody entertaining!
    I applaud his entrepreneurship! $100 000 – wow!

    Good on him for giving it up though and for the mum for realising the dangers as well.

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